Forgive me if I am repeating myself, it could be due to sleep depravation, but I have long since discovered that closing the door on my clients’ fur family when I go to bed is not an option if  I want a decent night’s sleep. The mutley crew make such a din protesting against their exclusion that I have to get up and let them in!

The puppy, Betty Spaghetti,  is growing into a fine big dog, more Saluki than greyhound which means less room in bed!  I had to make a stand or rather a lie down the other evening having spent one too many nights teetering  on the edge of the mattress!  Despite the bed being boarded as usual by my two canine charges I planted myself in the middle of it and settled down for what I hoped would be a restful night. Unfortuntely, mainly due to the puppy stretching out her long lurcher limbs l woke the next morning to find myself again hanging precariously off the divan with hardly any duvet whilst both dogs and the two cats slept soundly! Perhaps I’d get more rest on the sofa?!