To say it has been damp recently would be something of an understatement, the dogs and I were battling the elements on our yomps over the moors. Being buffeted by the wind and driving rain made us all a little reluctant to leave the cottage!

Neither of the lurchers particularly like getting their feet wet but Lizzie looked most put out when I refused to carry her over a massive puddle we encountered on our way home, it stretched right across the narrow country road with no way around it. I watched with amazement and some amusement as Lizzie performed her doggy version of a handstand up the near vertical bank in an almost successful attempt to avoid the muddy, brown water!

By the time we got down to the yard to bring in the horses the mare and her pony companion we’re waiting for us at the field gate and looked thoroughly dejected. They needed no encouragement to come in preferring their dry stables and full hay-nets to standing out in the foul weather.

Only the cats seemed unconcerned by the hostile conditions outside. They had sensibly made themselves comfortable by the fire, which was where the lurchers and I ended up once we’d finished dripping in the utility room!