For the third year running I am sitting on cats for Christmas! Not literally you understand, that would be cruel.

As I lugged my case into my clients smart semi this morning, I was greeted at the front door by my two feline charges, Dolly and Alfie Ragdoll. They stretched and yawned their `good mornings’ to me before inspecting my bags. I must have passed `muster’ as they followed me upstairs and, very helpfully, assisted me with my unpacking by sitting on my luggage. Despite removing them from the lid of my case several times, the curious cats couldn’t keep away, getting in it before I had a chance to remove anything! I wondered if they were expecting to find their Christmas presents secreted between my carefully folded clothes. Unfortunately, no catnip mice or tinkly balls came to light and both Dolly and Alfie surveyed me coolly, their blue eyes seemed to say `you Scrooge,’ before they jumped down from the bed and sauntered off to be trip hazards on the stairs, leaving me to pick their long blond hairs from my black woollen trousers.