It was whilst I was wiping down the kitchen surfaces one afternoon, having found my client’s dog, Bette Spaghetti, atop the ceramic hob that the number one feline killer of wildlife in Tremar, `Traci Treats,’ appeared with a  mouse between her chops and promptly let it go! The rodent made a dash across the flagstones for a gap under the cooker, closely followed by Traci, Bette and Lizzie Lurcher who almost got a snout on the mouse’s tail before the creature vanished from sight!  No amount of sniffing or paw prodding from my client’s fur family would dislodge the rodent from its sanctuary, thankfully it was soon forgotten when I got the dog food out of the cupboard.

A few days later I was in the process of lighting the fire in the lounge and picked up a log from the pile by the wood burner only to discover something warm and furry on it which wasn’t moss!  My shriek at the rediscovery of the rodent brought the dogs smartly over from their recumbent positions on the sofa to find out what was occurring.  Unfortunately the poor mouse was on its last legs and nothing could be done other than to put it in the `Dustbin of Death’ outside with the half eaten remains of past rescued critters.