The other day I was trying to retrieve a piece of digestive biscuit that had broken off and dropped into my tea.  It hadn’t quite sunk to the bottom of the mug and as my beverage was lukewarm I tried using my fingers to save the saturated snack.  I gave up and waited until I’d finished my drink, loudly slurping up the mushy mess!  This isn’t something I would’ve done a few years ago, I’d have probably used a teaspoon,  I certainly wouldn’t have attempted it if I’d had company.  I’m not saying that I am spending too much time with my clients’ pets, I haven’t started emptying myself in the garden or dragging my bum along the lounge carpet yet, but I do worry I may have forgotten some of the social niceties!  I regularly have to remind myself to use my `indoor voice’ on the odd occasions I meet a friend for coffee, thankfully I haven’t asked for my flat white to be served in a saucer, although it may only be a matter of time!