With all the cold, windy weather we’ve had recently I’ve been lathering on the moisturizer.  A friend gave me a bottle of high-end body lotion for Christmas, which I love.  I now smell gorgeous, unlike my clients’ pets!

My first walk along the beach with The Poodles of Minehead was a wild one!   In order to reach the seashore where it was damp underfoot we had to cross the powdery sand dunes which the wind whipped up covering us all in a fine grit. As I stumbled crab like along the shore, trying to keep the sand out of my eyes, strains from the theme tune to the film Lawrence of Arabia played in my head. The conditions on our walk, however, were nowhere near as arid!

At the end of the beach I decided to return homewards via the esplanade, thinking we might be more sheltered by the sea wall.  Unfortunately this didn’t prove to be the case and my face was treated to a free, abrasive exfoliation courtesy of the onshore wind, the poodles fared better being lower down.

Once home, having seen to my canine charges, I spent the rest of the morning removing sand from my crevices, especially my ears!