I’m not certain why it has taken me so long, the lack of my own computer most probably, but I have finally started playing Scrabble online.   Leading such a peripatetic existence as a home and pet sitter means becoming acquainted with people who also enjoy playing my favorite board game is a challenge.  It’s not really something you can bring up in a conversation on first meeting without seeming a little odd or desperate or both. “Oh, what a lovely basset you have there, by-the-way, do you play Scrabble?!”

So between emptying, feeding, emptying, grooming, feeding, emptying and cleaning up after the poodles I’ve been playing Scrabble.  I thought I was doing well, winning quite a few games, until I realized that most of the players had English as their second language, which was rather humbling, especially when I lost to one player by quite a large margin.

I decided I needed to monitor myself when I had five games on the go and was the `last man standing,’ so to speak, in the small hours of the next morning!  The poodles’ walk was later than normal that day!