Mr Lewis arrived at our house having had a ‘dirty’ protest in his cat carrier. Covered in his on excrement he was unceremoniously given a bath in our sink by his soon to be ex owner who sadly had to give him up. After the indignity of it all, Mr Lewis took himself off to hide behind the fridge for several hours eventually coming out for some food.

My elderly Mother had resisted having another cat for some years as she was worried that one would prove to be a trip hazard. Unfortunately, Mr Lewis has taken  to lying along the stairs!  He further blotted his copy book by biting the hand that fed him, three times, but  after being told he would be sent to  live in the shed if he did it again he seemed to settle down. 

Mr Lewis is not a cat who takes being told no very well. While waiting for him to have his  second booster, I wouldn’t let him out into the garden, so he bit my bare ankle! My bite soon healed though, my Mum however, had to have a course of antibiotics when  her hand became infected after Mr Lewis sunk his teeth into it. This put pay to her lunchtime sherry  for a while but it did sort out the infection.

Mr Lewis has a penchant for licking plastic bags, he started on one fromn Malcolm Barnicuts’ which had held a couple of steak pasties and then  progressed to various supermarket carriers including a bag  for life, he isn’t fussy.

When Mr Lewis’s funny five minutes  turned into a bonkers fifteen minutes we discovered that he was working himself up to using his litter tray, something he isn’t really keen on doing. Mum, who is on litter tray duty when I’m working away, decided to change his diet for a less oder inducing one with little success. Cat poo is cat poo and we all look forward to the day when he can go out and empty himself in the neighboring gardens!

We were told that Mr Lewis would be okay as long as he knew his boundaries and I would say that on the whole, he does. Initially he did sense weakness in my Mother and tried to bend her to his will. Most of the time he is a very affectionate cat who enjoys a warm lap to sit on. He does have the occasional Jekyll and Hide moment when he can bite without provocation. I came home to find Mum wearing a pair of sheepskin gloves with Mr Lewis sitting on her lap. “Just in case!” She told me.

On the whole Mr Lewis has settled in very well, it is still early days but he is fully vaccinated and has had his microchip details updated so is now ready to  go out and explore his garden and the surrounding environs.  Look out Liskeard, Mr Lewis will soon be on the loose!