I didn’t think we would have another cat again what with Mum’s failing eyesight and my nomadic working life but it was love at first sight for me when I saw Mr Lewis’s photo on Facebook, although I had to describe him to my Mother.  It was not, however, love at first smell as the nervous feline arrived having had a dirty protest in his cat carrier!

Despite occasionally lounging on the stairs, our potential moggie trip hazard has settled into the Affleck household nicely.  Mr Lewis (Aka Pinkie, Louis, Louie and Lord Lou!) does like to be included in everything that is going on and often seeks us out to oversee what we are up to!

Mr Lewis spent his first two months with us under house arrest whilst I sorted out his vaccinations and microchip details.  He was not best pleased with his new enforced status of house-cat.  Every day, several times a day Mr Lewis would sit and stare out of the glazed back door into the garden whilst he pawed at the glass and yowled a most plaintive, “OUT!”  Every day, several times a day, I would tell him, “No out yet Mr Lewis, but soon.”    I think I told him once too often as he turned around and bit my ankle!

The day Pinkie Lewis was allowed in `The Out’ was marked on our calendar as exactly a week after his second booster.  Thankfully the sun was shining as I opened the back door to his freedom and the nesting sparrows!  It was quite touching how Mr Lewis followed me at first but as his confidence and curiosity grew he slunk off to explore our small back garden on his own.  He’s not one to go far is Mr Lewis, which is fine by us, but he does enjoy sitting on the back step of an evening, taking in the air and listening to the sounds of suburbia.


Mr Lewis