It took  me a long time to accept that the number of other people who wrote  letters  was dwindling,  we  were becoming an endangered species, talked of but rarely seen.

I’m not contributing much  to the cause these days, unfortunately, despite having the time. I put it down to age related brain shrinkage and apathy!  I did try emailing friends, which  was almost like writing a letter, although not the same as  receiving one, until once again a lack of time and a preference for immediate gratification  put pay to lengthy email correspondence.

I was reluctant to join Facebook at first but over the ten years I’ve been a home and pet sitter it has proved very useful. In fact, a couple of people have commented on how much time I seem to spend on  it,  I do apologize for all the photos of ginger cats!  I do enjoy hearing other people’s news, seeing photos of their families and their holidays, for the most part It has  been a positive experience.

As with life, technology moves on so quickly, leaving me to ponder and scratch my head over Snapchat and the like.  I wouldn’t mind so much if only I didn’t keep forgetting where I’d left my glasses!